Eric Rees is a recent graduate of the Indiana University with a Bachelor's in Journalism. Born in Champaign, IL and raised in Indianapolis, IN, Eric has always looked to move elsewhere when the time is right, and thinks that his skills will take him there. An officially recognized Eagle Scout as of 2008 and being involved heavily in the Faith Presbyterian Church Youth Group were only a few of Eric's extracurricular activities during his school years.

Before transferring to IU, Eric attended the School of Journalism at University of Missouri for two years and worked hard in learning all they had to offer there. The Maneater, the award-winning student newspaper at Mizzou, was where Eric spent most of his time, rising to the ranks of Staff Writer, Photographer and Graphic Designer over the course of two years. Eric was the first student in 3 years to cover and write a story, take photos for the story and then layout the resulting page afterwards. 

Eric's current day job is copywriting and preparing content strategy for Redwall, a branding and advertising firm in downtown Indianapolis. Pattern Magazine, occupies his other free time. A local fashion publication based out of Indianapolis, Pattern brought Eric on as an intern for the summer of 2013. After graduation, Pattern thought his organizational and editorial skills were good enough for him to fill their Managing Editor position and he is currently working on their 7th issue.

Redwall posed an challenge for Eric who hadn't had much formal training in advertisement writing. His background in journalistic writing and editing has allowed him to hit the ground running and adapt to the new situation. Providing ad copy, ad strategy, creative taglines, and content strategy are new challenges that keep Eric's skills sharp.