Think Kit ... A Single Word

What word, a single word (used the title in a sentence again, bonus points), sums up the entire year of 2014 for me?


Accomplishment has always been a weird thing in my life. This really came to a head back in 2008 when I was literally one requirement on one merit badge away from getting my Eagle Scout award, and was dragging my feet. I had to either put up or shut up because the award isn't granted after you turn 18, so the timer was growing short. I just thought to myself, "Man, I'm going to really be mad at myself if I don't just man up and finish this." So I did. It culminated in me running half a mile through the snow (because I had procrastinated past all the good weather), and finally finishing the merit badges. After that I went on to finish my Eagle and it's one of the things that I'm proud to have finished in my life.

This year was kind of like that.

I was pretty burnt out by the end of my stint at college. There were a lot of reasons leading up to that, but one Polina Osherov was definitely putting the thought in my head "why don't you just drop out?" Well, at that point I was too close to just drop it. Only two semesters left before I had that piece of paper that made me acceptable in the work world's eyes. So I pushed through. I made it through Finite Math despite my terrible disposition for anything mathematics. It wasn't easy, and I didn't set any school records for GPA, but I finished. I accomplished it. 

And then I accomplished getting a job. A real, bona fide, adult, salary, office, co-worker kind of job. It happened way faster than I thought it was going to and in a completely different field than I imagined, but it happened. It seems to be the right fit. 

I accomplished putting together one issue of Pattern Magazine with the aforementioned Polina. It was a transition period between people who were helping, and I'm proud to say that the music issue came out looking pretty spiffy, even if there were a few bumps in the road. At the moment we're working on the next issue and hopefully moving towards that unknown millionaire benefactor that wants to bankroll this awesome non-profit.

Buying my first car (with car payments) and starting to pay back my student loans are accomplishments. Both toward me being a real adult, and also accomplishments in sapping my bank account. I just cross my fingers and keep telling myself that it's in the name of good credit. 

So yeah, if you had to ask me to boil down 2014 into one word, it would be accomplishment. Not too shabby. 


Think Kit ... Just Can't Wait

It's hard for me to get too excited thinking about next year, when so much has happened in this past year for me to even comprehend. One year ago today, I was probably sitting in my apartment down in Bloomington, studying for a final test for my second-to-last semester of college.

It's like a whole different world looking back on it now. If you've talked to me since graduating and joining the job force, you'll know my thoughts on college since I've gotten out. Looking back, I can't believe that my entire life revolved around whether or not I was going to get one of the first few letters of the alphabet on my paper that I was writing. And that fear was stressing me out and driving me insane.... 

Anyway, enough about the past before I go on too long of a rant.

What I'm looking forward to next year is: making the same amount of progress that my life has made from December 9, 2013 to December, 9, 2014. 

I've got a lot on my plan. Moving into a new apartment is top of the list. The change of scenery will be awesome. It's exciting to look at places around Indy and decide which one will fit my life the best.

As with all graduates these days, paying off student loans is definitely something that I can't wait to start doing. There's only a bit of sarcasm there. I know how much that can affect your life down the road, so being financially responsible is definitely on my list! *fist pump*

I'm looking forward to making new friends and being better to old ones. I'm notorious for being the absolute worst when it comes to keeping in contact with people that I don't see on a daily basis. I'm not sure what it is, but if you're reading this and you haven't heard from me in a while, send me a text or email or something. It's not you, it's me. 

I don't know if I'll be excited to say that I've been on this planet for a quarter of a century next year, but it's going to be the case anyway. I can rent a car by myself!

Here's to 2015.