End of College

It's crazy to think that at the age of 23, I'll be walking out of a classroom for the last time in just a week.

It's something that I have been waiting for however. For a while now, I have been restless at college here at IU. Especially after spending my internship with Pattern last summer, my sights have been set elsewhere. I want to get on the ground floor of something exciting and build it up. Classes today are mindlessly boring. Teachers give you a syllabus and then expect you to parrot the information back to them a few weeks later on the test. I will be pretty excited to be done with that and move on to something more creative and fulfilling.

The job search will begin in earnest after I turn in my cap and gown. Pounding the pavement, making the calls and applying to relevant jobs sounds like a needed break from all the time I've spent sitting in these boring classrooms.